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Clan, Honor, and Empire

Clan, Honor, and Empire - Tracy St. John This is close to 5 stars--really well done. My only hesitations are that I would have liked more with the third clanmate, Breft and I found the depiction of the Imdiko's mother really perfunctory and not at the level of every other character in the book.

This book is a prequel. Having just looked at (I couldn't finish) the first book in the Kalquor world,[b:Alien Embrace|10295605|Alien Embrace (Clans of Kalquor, #1)|Tracy St. John|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1295766950s/10295605.jpg|15197494], which deals with the same male characters some years later when they find their earther lady love, I am really impressed by how much St. John has developed. This most recent book, her best that I've read, is a gazillion times better than the first, with far more complex characterization and assured plotting--even the editing is much cleaner. I also thought the sex was much better done. It's pretty clear that all the Kalquor books are complete sex-fests. The first book managed that rarity for me of containing way, way too much sex, not helped by the fact that I found it repetitive and at times ridiculous: male characters walk through the front door on a visit and immediately begin undressing the heroine so they can all have sex. Wake up next morning, repeat. Afternoon, repeat... Heroine has medical examination immediately followed by sex.... another exam, more sex.... The sex scenes in [b:Clan, Honor, and Empire|22042106|Clan, Honor, and Empire (Clan Beginnings #3)|Tracy St. John|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1399310872s/22042106.jpg|41365238] on the other hand are fantastic--really hot and, ahem, rereadable, but also varied and shedding light on the characters' personalities.

Bottom Line: I am definitely enjoying the M/M part of the Kalquor series and can't wait for the next volume. I will probably try a few more of the "hetero" books just to fill in the world--the reviews suggest they get better as the series goes on--based on this very satisfying book, I can believe it.