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The Degan Incident

The Degan Incident - Rob Colton This is the first book I've actually been able to finish in a while, due to an overload of real-world distractions, so I was especially relieved to find something relaxing that also entertained. This definitely fit the bill and I read right through it. I found Devin to be a sweetie, an orphan who is still upbeat, can't get into the space-navy but cheerfully takes a job as a grunt at the spaceport so he can at least see the space ships. He's similarly insouciant about his dreams of a big, muscle-bound hairy charming someday coming to carry him off to live in his (off-planet) lake-side villa.

Unsurprisingly, his big, tough Degan lover is a suitably gooey marshmallow, who cries almost as often as Devin, who cries in almost every scene. Devin has to be the girliest, chick-with-a-dick hero I've come across, and not just because he gets knocked up by the "aggressive," DNA-mutating sperm of his alien lover-cat. That was all cool, though, and didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. I do wish the author had pushed harder on the sci-fi, though. His Degan, in addition to speaking perfect English without technological help, also has a culture and planetary terrain that is indistinguishable from Earth's--only discounting their purple sky. As it stands, it reads like a shifter story, interspecies but not interplanetary.

Mini Rant from someone who's had a baby: Wouldn't they have been a bit more aggressive with the medical care for an interspecies baby being carried by a male parent? Babies that are often 15-20 pounds? Being born through the guy's naval? In the last month of pregnancy expecting mothers in the US with otherwise uneventful, all-human babies see their doctors weekly; Devin, apparently the first human or male to carry a Degan baby, has spent most of his gestational period as a prisoner, and has undergone torture, rescue, space travel, space battles, in addition to spontaneously growing a womb to carry this child. I just couldn't take it when the Degan Doctor said to make an appointment for a month later, and none of the uber-protective Degan males seemed to be worried about taking him far from a medical center. Can we be surprised the poor dude almost died giving birth to little Callan?

Anyway, I found this a fun read, which works better if you don't overthink the probability issues.