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Captivated - Keegan Kennedy The set up here is fantastic, and reveals a lot of Kennedy's trademark crazy inventiveness with his captive scenarios. Braun is creepy, creepy, creepy as he takes Ian's freedoms away, one after another, and demands more and more control over his life. Unfortunately, the book shifts gears pretty quickly, and becomes a lot more luvvy-duvvy than would seem possible based on the opening.

When Braun finally springs his trap, I thought we were heading into some truly inspired territory--the chloroform, the demand for such utter control--his claim that Ian would remain his captive indefinitely. I'd not come across anything quite like it, (except subsequently in Kennedy's other books) with the added advantage that this was a full-length book rather than just a novella. However, Ian, far from showing any conflict over becoming enslaved by his step-father, could not be more enthusiastic about living as Braun's captive. Unfortunately, that inner conflict over resistance vs. submission and how the captor breaks it is where most of the interest in these stories lies for me. Without it, we basically get A Tale of an Uber-sub rather than an Uber-alpha. The bit with the violent ex was the only time I've ever seen Kennedy slip into a genre cliche.

Reader caution: The story features a lot of Kennedy's recurring themes--rape/capture fantasy, focus on feet, scent, father/son dynamic, extremely well-endowed masters, gagging, etc. with some other taboo stuff that I'd not seen anywhere else, but I've come to expect from this author.

Bottom Line: Kennedy is so intense and primal that I would totally read the opening chapters again just for the crazy set-up and the early stages of Ian's captivity, but I just don't like it when these stories go sweet.