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Old Loyalty, New Love

Old Loyalty, New Love - Mary Calmes Addictively readable and entertaining like all of Calmes' books. Also like all of her books, contains a long sequence in which characters shower love and admiration on one of the MCs--at the same time delivering heartfelt apologies for all the ways they wronged him. I am trying to overcome my inner cynic and just enjoy these scenes as feel-good hug-fests. Have not yet succeeded.

However, honesty compels me to confess that the moment I finished this, I purchased another of her books, [b:Frog|13563087|Frog|Mary Calmes|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1332881683s/13563087.jpg|19139126] which I'm half way through--this one features adorable children climbing all over the hunky-cowboy hero. He even rescues a little boy from a tree--sooooo cute.