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Hell Cop

Hell Cop - Ginn Hale, Nicole Kimberling, Astrid Amara I can't say enough in praise of the way this anthology has been put together: instead of throwing together a collection of tales loosely or barely connected by a theme, the three authors have closely collaborated on a detailed paranormal world, with characters and plot points that cross over into the other stories. I found this a much better reading experience, enabling me to engage far more fully with the world, with the added interest of seeing how three talented but distinct authors approached the material.

As to this specific collection, it's a great set up: the paranormal elements are very detailed and interesting, especially the role of sorcery and corporations. The "hell cop" focus enables the authors to balance the familiar (and mostly reliable) law-n-order plot structure with clever and original developments involving such things as demons and illegal magical substances. I probably liked Ginn Hale's story the best, but I thought all three were solid.

On the downside, though all three of these authors are terrific fantasy writers--(and I'd go so far as to call Ginn Hale one of the major writers in the genre)--none of them are my first choices when I'm looking for hot sex. The romances here were satisfying, but the sex scenes and general relationship dynamics were not especially memorable or original.

Bottom line: I really like the way this collection was structured, and it made for a far better reading experience than the usual anthology. I hope more authors/publishers follow their example.