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Whiskey and Wry

Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford Ford can tell a fun story, has lovable characters, and makes fantastic use of San Francisco. I was caught up and wanted to know what was going to happen, but this veered too far into soap opera territory for me. I guess I'm just not ready for a contemporary with an amnesiac hero who's universally believed dead, a monstrous villain right out of a slasher flick, an Irish patriarch who should be nominated for a sainthood, and cops/bodyguards who sit around talking about their feelings like a teen girl peer support group. Except for the well-observed details about SF, very little felt realistic or credible to me, and a lot felt wishful (Donal Morgan) or absurdly over the top (Parker). I enjoyed being reunited with Miki and Kane, was happy that Damien didn't die in the car accident or get hacked to death by a maniac, and just to see Dude again since I love terriers, but mostly, I couldn't shake my skepticism about the whole thing.