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Break and Enter

Break and Enter - Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov Dark but not too dark, sorta dystopian-lite, with likable leads. The "tech" stuff about our Steve-Austinish bionic hero, Cyke, was especially well-written and inventive--so much that I'd recommend it as a model for anyone contemplating writing about high tech/bionic/enhanced soldier/cyborg yada yada. While the "togetherness" scenes were well-done, uncliched and never sappy, the relationship between Cyke and Bear never really gelled for me. It may be because we just don't see that much of Bear, so other than that he's a good guy, a Paramedic and kind of a tech-geek, I can't really come up with many descriptors for his personality. Still, there's a moment when Bear unlocks a particular piece of computer code that was really original and clever and crazy-hot.

Recommended for those who like urban/black-opsie stuff, with a strong helping of cool tech.