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precious_boy - K.Z. Snow This is very well-written and nicely constructed, but I didn't end up liking it as much as I thought I would. My problems were not with the character Ethan, whom I thought Snow handled sensitively, but with the narrator, Jon, whom I liked less and less as the story continued. To put it bluntly, he lost me when he goes back to the hotel to sleep with Donald; before he was well-intentioned if a bit hypocritical and obtuse, but after that he descended to the level of complete wank. From that point on, the whole narrative felt self-serving. Reading through reviews of my GR buddies, I find I'm in the minority, which may mean my reaction was more due to mood or me playing "Judgy Mcjudgerson" towards Jon. So we'll place this review in the "for what it's worth" pile.

Bottom Line; I was impressed with Snow's writing and handling of a tricky character, but I was put off by a narrator I grew to actively dislike.