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Timber Pack Chronicles

Timber Pack Chronicles  - Rob Colton In his bio, Rob Colton describes himself thus: "A romantic at heart, he loves stories that feature big, burly men who find true love and happy endings." Add that those big, burly guys are total alphas who fall for slender, sweet-tempered boys and you've got the core of every book of his that I've read. It's a formula, but Colton aces it, creating feel-good stories with eminently likable characters. I find them especially refreshing for their complete lack of pretension. Colton's is not a world of billionaires or fancy-pants: there are no concert pianists or gourmet chefs or even Adonis-like good looks. Heroes have modest, ordinary-guy jobs and are really just looking for love.

Timber Pack does not depart from that basic pattern by so much as an iota, but perhaps thanks to the high school hormones, it does feature significantly more sex than other Colton stories I've read. Practically every conversation, event, meeting ends up with our adorable wolves going at it like rabbit shifters. You can't call it PWP, but this is one of those rare books where I wouldn't have minded more attention on these boys' non-sexual activities: maybe we could see them do their homework once in a while! That being said, Colton is one of the few writers I know who successfully balances hot and sweet. His growly, possessive heroes are also fundamentally good-natured, and his subs are always eager and cheerful.

Bottom Line: Colton is practically an auto-buy for me. He does a particular dynamic really well and his books just make me feel happy.