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Snatched - Egnis Jones, Ann   Anderson, Tilly Hunter, Lor Rose I was very pleasantly surprised by this. I'm not a huge fan of anthologies, mostly because though they usually sound good in theory, they tend to be uneven enough to leave a sense of disappointment afterwards. This one had the advantage of having only three stories, a contemporary, a shifter/monster tale, and a straight-up fantasy. Unlike other anthologies with a dozen or so short stories, each story in Snatched was a good length and quite well developed. That gave each one enough substance to stand on its own, and while I didn't like them all equally, I thought all were well-written, interesting and, most impressively, original.

Contemporaries are probably my least favorite M/M genre, so I was surprised I liked the first story best, mostly because I found the interaction between the hapless eco-tourist and his revolutionary captor to be scalding. Basically a terrific little erotic tale, it also had a unexpectedly sweet ending that made me want to rush out and buy everything else the author has written.

The second tale edged over into horror and featured unrepentantly murderous heroes, which really is not to my taste, but I thought it was very well-written and original.

The final tale was a lot of fun, with a cool, well-developed fantasy world. It made great use of the fantasy setting to create a lot of lush, steamy erotic scenes, and also managed several terrific, unexpected plot twists and a punchy ending.

Bottom line: I would definitely recommend this to those who enjoy captive fantasies.