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When All the World Sleeps

When All the World Sleeps - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock This has been sitting on my "currently reading" list since March, and it's past time to get it off. I'm opting not to rate it, since I didn't ultimately finish it, more just skimming the last third. But I have opted to write about it since I had a strong reaction to the book, and I just want to put the whole thing to rest.

I really, really liked the premise of this story; in fact, I found it mind-blowing in the way that I usually only find with the best science fiction. The idea of a person acting on the subconscious impulses that surface when we're asleep had my imagination exploding with the possibilities. I also thought the dynamic between Daniel and Bel was everything that I'm looking for in this genre--original, thought-provoking, hot. For the first third or so of the book, I was in one of those frantic states I occasionally get in reading where I'm convinced I'm about to have my world turned upside down by a book, with mind-boggling revelations and plot turns.

But as the reading continued, I began to get really anxious that I was heading for severe disappointment: that the climax being set up was not a red herring, but was in fact the actual climax. And since that climax did not feel in any way worthy of the set up