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Sub Zero (An ESTO Universe Novel)

Sub Zero (An ESTO Universe Novel) - Angel Martinez 3.5
Solid world-building and characterization, with a satisfying mystery. I really liked everything to do with the "cryo" resurrection, and I loved the side-kick Sergeant, Emma. I have a pretty severe personal problem with depictions of "noble" peoples who differ too sharply from corrupt, fallen humanity. The contrast here was disappointingly heavy-handed, with the human settlers portrayed as greedy, genocidal bigots, while the planet natives are so good they don't even understand the concept of war. However, the scenes where Aren confronts his past are truly moving and effective, and the whole story was told with admirable efficiency.

Bottom Line: there can never be enough M/M sci-fi in my opinion, and this is both well-written and original. Though the book managed to hit one of my big personal peeves, there was a lot I really enjoyed. Recommend.