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The Mark of an Alpha

The Mark of an Alpha - Kim Dare This wasn't bad, and had Dare's usual hot sex scenes, but I really wish it had done more with the "shifter" setting. Almost the entire focus was on Bennett's conflicts about being a sub when he's supposed to be an alpha, which could pretty easily be reworked to take out any mention of the paranormal: i.e. can one be a "submissive" in a relationship and also a leader? Answer: yes. It's a worthy question, but it didn't feel like enough to carry the plot. I kept waiting for more on the shifter side of things: the other pack members, the supernatural rules, the cultural details specific to Dare's world. Instead, we got the same basic scene of Bennett rejecting his submissive side over and over until he got over it--not a huge spoiler since you had to figure he would, right?. It just felt like less than it could have been.

Bottom line: Kim Dare is always worth reading, especially if you like anything to do with BDSM. This is not a bad read by any means, it just left me wanting more.