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Belligerent Beta

Belligerent Beta - Poppy Dennison Wonderful. If anything I liked this even more than [b:Accidental Alpha|18459952|Accidental Alpha (Pack Partners, #1)|Poppy Dennison|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1379735636s/18459952.jpg|26112340]. Either way, it's got more of the same: life in a pack, where when someone needs cheering up, everyone leaps on the (G-rated) puppy pile. I especially loved how Dennison built her love story out of little details like the heroes going to the grocery store or trying out a new recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. She makes a believably dramatic event out of Nathan calling Dan after a fender-bender. No silver bullets, evil scientists, or apocalyptic shifter prophesies needed. Also a plus: no insta-love, mating instinct, or growly alpha domination.

Bottom Line: Good-natured but not sugary, this is the most adorable healing story imaginable. Perfect feel-good, weekend read.