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What Remains of Us

What Remains of Us - J.H. Knight I almost never cry reading books, but I did for this maybe because my city has undergone its own traumatic disasters, though nothing on this scale.

Favorite passages: "They had both shed their waistcoats and shirts at some point earlier and were now trudging through the stifling heat in nothing but their undershirts and trousers, their suspenders hanging down about their waists. In a vague way, Martin was aware of how odd it was to see so many people on the city streets, disheveled and half-dressed, but it also seemed fitting. Their beautiful city had been torn apart, and apparently, so had her citizens."

"He hoped someone, a mile or so up the road, would do the same for his girls if they didn't make it there on time."

Beautiful and touching. I just loved this. Ten stars.