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Mr. Jaguar

Mr. Jaguar - K.A. Merikan I found this really enjoyable. Mike is a terrific character: a true slacker, immature, impulsive, at times idiotic, not above self-pity, but always refreshingly unpretentious and genuine. The scene where he settles scores at Walmart was sublime. I also really liked Jamie, a guy who made it huge but is so insecure he hires people to pick out his clothes, car, and to pretend to be his date. Both felt more authentic than a lot of romance characters. The same cannot be said for the conference "frenemies" who were straight out of cartoon land.

But all in all, I was impressed by how successfully Merikan was able to sell the Pretty Woman/Cinderfella plotline, which is not exactly the stuff of Zolaesque realism. Great addition to the Love's Landscapes event.