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Yarulf's Duty

Yarulf's Duty - Vicktor Alexander I really enjoyed this. I am pretty much a complete sucker for M/M fantasy in general, and especially forced marriage plotlines. I also have a huge soft spot for meek guys with overbearing brothers so I loved everything to do with Milenther and his family. The author did a great job with the world-building and the dynamic between the two lovers, which was very sexy. Yarulf's ongoing "conflict" over whether he'll obey his father felt a bit more perfunctory--added to give the plot some shape and drama, but it's hard to take seriously as a conflict over "duty." Obey my lying, immoral father to betray my loving, noble-hearted spouse or don't and live, love and be happy. Wouldn't keep most of us up at night, and we're not given quite enough of a story to believe it would truly be that hard for Yarulf to make the right call, which, huge surprise, he does. I do think this world and couple would work great in a longer format story, and fortunately the end seems to promise a longer sequel, which I will eagerly gobble up when it appears.

Bottom Line: another fun addition to Love's Landscapes.