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Wolf Run by BA Tortuga

Wolf Run by BA Tortuga - BA Tortuga It's hard to imagine something this sweet and adorable could also be so hot, but Tortuga manages it. As shifter stories go, this achieved the striking feat of having a bunch of stuff that usually irritates me but I actually enjoyed here, especially the big tough alpha who comes to the rescue of the lost tragi-boys plotline. It helps that the boys are so very horny--Tortuga makes good use of the boys'"wolf" traits to balance their almost childlike naivete with their tendency to go at it like bunnies. Mick is sexily dominating without being a complete a-hole, and Scott and Danny are very eager submissives. The boys' life scraping by at a dead-end job, barely able to afford the rent on their trailer, forced to split a hamburger for meals, feels legitimately sad without the usual (manipulative) piling on of misery after misery--dastardly exes, evil villains, insane levels of abuse that the poor sods need to be rescued from. Instead of that familiar stuff, we get a bunch of sex scenes. And I did mention they're hot, right?

Bottom line: Hurrah! a sexy shifter story that I actually liked. Perfect beach reading for this summer weekend.