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Cataclysmic Evolution

Cataclysmic Evolution - Alicia Nordwell Some might consider this review spoilerish.

M/M sci-fi is my favorite genre, and Alicia Nordwell definitely knows how to put together a fun, highly readable tale. This one rather crazily balances high-school flirtations and popularity jockeying with the literal end of the world. Considering that this is an account a planet-wide extinction event, i.e. the apocalypse, the story was remarkably, and to my mind refreshingly, free of horror elements--cruelty, inhumanity, ugliness. Parents are kind of bossy, kids a bit given to bullying and mean pranks, but basically everyone cooperates and helps out, with some minor heroics, but not beyond what you might find in a random group of high schoolers. It's the End of the World rated PG--with a bit of cuddling and kissing between our young lovers once they get over their mutual hatred, but minimal on-page nookie.

The story on the long side for the Love's Landscapes Event, but not long enough to adequately deal with all of the events in the story, which could probably sustain one of those 800 page sci-fi behemoths. I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy-duty, and I definitely appreciated the low stress focus on friendships and flirtation in the midst of the fight for survival. However, I did find the ending problematic. It felt abrupt and didn't really leave me with any sense of the characters' or humanity's future. It doesn't ruin the story by any means, but I didn't find it satisfying. It may be a sequel is planned, in which case count me in.

Bottom line: another entertaining read from this year's M/M event.