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Down a Notch

Down a Notch - Zoe X. Rider Featuring Rider's trademark combination of (seemingly) straight rock musicians and some intense experimentation with D/s play. The focus on enforced chastity is a novel innovation, and pushes both the hero, Nicky, and the story in cool, unexpected directions, which are picked up in book 2, [b:Down Another Notch|22028553|Down Another Notch|Zoe X. Rider|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1398948245s/22028553.jpg|41347854]. My only complaint is that the editing in this and the sequel is rougher than in some of the other books. It detracts a bit from what is otherwise a smart, insightful, original story.

Bottom Line: At this point, I'd pretty much read anything of Rider's. Catchy erotic scenarios that in the hands of another writer would yield a hot PWP read, in hers become tools to really dig deep into her MC's less acknowledged impulses and desires.