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Stranded by Lies

Stranded by Lies - Finn Marlowe Well that was a complete and total rush! First off, this was my prompt, and I don't have words for how thrilled I was at the story that evolved from it. I wish I could take some credit, but there's just no way--the story that resulted was like nothing I'd imagined, or could ever have imagined, and yet I am really excited that I had at least a tiny part in it.

I loved everything about Stranded by Lies, but what overwhelmed me the most was what I'll call (for lack of a more precise term) the "mental intimacy" between Jason and Aiden. It was more than just their erotic connection, (which was scorching by the way.) The narrative was able to convey so much history between them, which gave an intensity and complexity and emotional depth to their relationship that you rarely find. It infused the entire story with an energy that went beyond the details of the plot and the world-building, both of which were fantastic. They really felt alive to me, and joined that small pantheon of fictional characters that you carry around with you like people you actually know.

Anyway, I can't thank Finn enough for choosing my prompt and blowing me away with this. And I CANNOT WAIT for the sequel!