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Housekeeping - Kim Fielding 3.5

This is a sweet, goodnatured story about one of Fielding's favorite themes--cleaning as healing. It's impossible not to like both leads and feel good about their slow-burn romance. As stories go this is on the far end of low-key for me, as in almost too low-conflict. It's relaxing and realistic, since most couples I've known in my life managed to come together without attempted kidnappings, destined mate instincts, or life-n-death hijinks. But combined with the almost total absence of on-page sex, that relaxation risks slipping over into a contented doze. Still, it's the middle of summer now and the book perfectly suits a mild, sunny day. Moreover, Fielding is to be admired for her fearless resistance of cheap thrills and gratuitous angst-fests in bringing together two sweet, lovable guys.