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Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success

Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success - K. M. Weiland Somewhat to my surprise, I found this book very helpful, both for the specific exploration of how experienced authors go about creating outlines and in general for its insights into the creative process. I would especially recommend the book for "pantsers" (like myself) who are looking to be more disciplined and efficient in their fiction writing. My one complaint is with the gushy style especially the author's enthusiasm for extended metaphors. Typical example:

"After several months of diligent preparation, you're ready to embark on your road trip down the Interstate and dusty back roads of your story. You've decided on your destination, you've mapped your route, and you've packed your equipment. All that's left is to buckle yourself into your desk chair and rev up your computer. Adventure waits ahead...."

It continues like that for most of a page. Luckily that passage came towards the end, or I might have quit reading. Still, I did find this a lot more helpful than several more elegantly written books on techniques of novel writing, so apparently style is not a reliable indicator of substance in this genre.

Bottom line; Must-read for chronically blocked "pantsers." I suspect that anyone whose eyes light up at the promise of title will find this helpful.