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Witch Wolf

Witch Wolf - Winter Pennington 3.5

I found this uneven, but generally enjoyable. On the up side, Pennington has created a solid paranormal world with a good strong lead and filled it out with plenty of engaging secondaries and enough intrigue to get the reader invested. I'm fairly new to the F/F genre, but I very much want to read more books like this. There is not a huge amount of sex, but those scenes that did appear were fantastic--I found them both hot and moody. Kassandra is an unusually sensual character, which informs her relationship to everything from women, to the woods, to coffee. One of my favorite parts of the book was the interaction between the human Kassandra and her wolf, which focused more on the impressionistic aspects than I'd ever seen in a shifter story before. That aspect definitely played to Pennington's strengths as a writer: like her heroine, her writing at its best was beautifully sensual, in the literal sense of being permeated by sensations, especially scent, sound and touch, giving a distinct sensibility to the narration.

I was less caught up in the "investigator" side of the story: the mystery itself was not very mysterious, which makes Kassandra seem less impressive as a P.I. than she probably needs to be to carry a series. Also, while I greatly admired a lot of the writing and found the book polished, I couldn't help thinking it would have benefited from a stronger editor. The prose is riddled with sentences like "I parked the car and got out," which while totally fine was (in context) also totally unnecessary. They add nothing to the plot, characterization or mood of the story, and create a kind of flabbiness in the narration that slows the pacing and, I thought, muffled the appeal of the heroine.

The problems felt very much like those of the first book in a new series, where the author is too engaged in setting up the world and the relationships to fully develop the mystery plot. I hope the later books work out some of these weaknesses because I definitely think Pennington has put together a very promising set up for a series. At any rate, she is definitely an author I'd like to read more of.