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Family Unit

Family Unit - Z.A. Maxfield New favorite from Maxfield. I just loved this--so sweet and amazingly hot. Logan and Richard are so perfect for each other. This story also had the advantage of for once having a realistic child who was believably difficult, not super-precocious or loquacious, and who did not feel the need to arrange his grandfather's love life, unlike so many children in M/M contemporaries.

Added plus: by some strange novelistic alchemy, Maxfield managed to make the line, "I got gay bashed," a moment of giddy triumph.

Bottom line: Wonderful

Non-story-related complaint: the book is badly formatted for the Kindle, with enormous margins and extra spaces between the paragraphs. As a result each page fits only about half the usual amount of text. Annoying enough that I almost gave up and didn't read it. Glad I did, but still....