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Reluctant Alpha

Reluctant Alpha - Shannon West Strange, dissonant reading experience. I actually found the working out of the (obligatory) mistrust and misunderstandings between the MCs to be more insightful and subtle than I've found in West's books before--or than you often see in shifter stories. Lucas is pretty dreadful to Kai, but the psychological motivations and feelings of each were really well-done, enough that I'd even call them realistic.

My main problem with the book was with the depiction of the Scythians which felt like some kind of misogynistic male fantasy of a female-dominated society: the female rulers, whether political or religious, are either weak and credulous or utterly evil and despicable, in dire need of a massive invasion by the all-male Lycan warriors in order to stop them from committing systematic infanticide. It's depicted as a great thing that the planet will now be under martial law, expected to last for many years, in order that the all-female population can undergo thorough re-education. The one male to survive childhood there is apparently the only person from the planet decent enough to put a stop to the abuse. I mean, could you pile it on more? Honestly, it pays in the shifter genre not to push too hard on the politics, because otherwise you'd probably just have to quit reading it altogether, but this was a serious bummer and wrecked what was otherwise one of West's better portrayals of a couple overcoming their misunderstandings.