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Konnor and His Omega Mate

Konnor and His Omega Mate - Shannon West Sometimes you're just in that kind of mood where you want to read about "Love slaves to the Alphas," and you're just hoping that you'll find a book you don't throw away in disgust. Shannon West has a decent track record with me for delivering on that modest category: the "Finashable" Alpha mate story, and while I could not get through the first offering of this series, [b:Most Wanted|17278755|Most Wanted (Love Slaves of the Alphas #1)|Shannon West|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1359763431s/17278755.jpg|23892701], I did enjoy this outing with our "Alpha," Konnor and Ethan, his love slave/omega mate.

Konnor is probably the toppiest alpha in this series, so hooray for that, and Ethan is really, really submissive, another hooray. On a sadder note, the plot is frustrating in the extreme, full of annoying twists designed to give the alpha the chance to rescue his little mate, with further complications and misunderstandings ensuing when both MCs inexplicably resolve to pretend they don't really like each other in order to prove something or other or teach a lesson about whatever. However, these annoyances were made up for by West's usual steamy love scenes, full of growling and "mines" and some pretty decent bondage play, and by the sheer ease and speed of reading her books.

I read this back to back with the next book in the series which called greater attention to one very unpleasant feature of this (and many other) M/M stories: the women are uniformly despicable. It's gratuitous here and crosses the line into egregious in the next book, [b:Reluctant Alpha|18166528|Reluctant Alpha (Love Slaves of the Alphas #4)|Shannon West|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1373726782s/18166528.jpg|25532504], which was too bad since I thought that had one of the better relationship developments I've found in West's books.

It didn't ruin this book for me, but it left a bad taste in an otherwise fun, ridiculous, "love slave of the alpha" kinda read.