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"…actions the author and reviewer could take to both clarify their expectations in the book review arena and provide meaningful remedies against wrongdoers..."

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

Nospin shared this link that sat wrong with me immediately.  Okay, not the article which makes sense as well as being hilarious, just that the bit I quoted in the title was one of first things I read.  Quoted by itself it is completely not what the article is about (a snarky sendup of ridiculous expectations worth reading for a chuckle).


Gee, how about authors can expect reviewers to legally obtain and not pirate books—the end.


How about "wrongdoers" get either shutdown by site support or turned over to appropriate law enforcement?


Having legally obtained the book, reader's obligation is finished. If wanted, they can express (within site guidelines and laws prohibiting attacking people) their honest personal opinion of their reading experience in the consumer product opinion section?


Both authors and readers have to respect current site guidelines and legal requirements.  Meaning stuff like: no one creates sockpuppets to get more than one "vote" on a product and attempt to mislead other consumers; no one places undisclosed paid product opinions in with the consumer product opinions (on any site subject to U.S. law must be disclosed; on most sites including goodreads and amazon just plain not allowed by site); no reviews from author programs or exchanges without disclosure, basically anything behind the review not readily apparent to general public or any reason for review than a consumer just getting a book they wanted to read and now reviewing ... 


It's not that complicated for readers and authors.  For site support trying to track down or determine wrong doing (particularly things like sockpuppets or something they do have to take to law enforcement) it can get complicated but for authors and reviewers it's very simple:


  • Attacking anyone is against site guidelines and in some cases illegal.  Violations get reported, not fought out in review comments or forums.
  •  Authors are selling a product and do not get to tell consumers of that product how to do anything or have any expectations.


Source: http://petemorin.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/surviving-in-the-amazon-jungle-how-authors-and-reviewers-can-co-exist-in-a-hostile-environment-and-run-to-court-if-they-dont