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Prima (Prima, #1) - Carolyn Faulkner This sped past my comfort level and then just kept on going. The punishments are extremely sadistic and relentless, and yet you buy the connection between the two leads. I found the book totally disturbing and at times sickening, and yet addictive in a really psychotic way.

One feature of a lot of Faulkner stories I've read is what I'll call "never-con." Most non-con/rape fantasy stories are really just forced seductions: what starts as a rape changes into a fully consensual, usually loving relationship. In never-con, the heroine is physically trapped in the situation and you genuinely believe that she can never escape it and that it will never, ever change--she will continue to be subjected to these outrageous punishments day after day, forever. (In contrast, in Ann Rice's [b:The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty|26582|The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty, #1)|A.N. Roquelaure|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346954268s/26582.jpg|1049526], which also featured totally over-the-top, non-con punishments and humiliations, the book makes clear that the slavery has an end-date: the tributes serve for two years and then they are sent home again. That makes it seem a lot less disturbing.)

But for those times when you have a hankering for something really outrageous and sick, Faulkner can certainly satisfy it. Since this hankering hits me every now and then, I've read a bunch of her books, and this is probably the best of them.