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Children of Fire and Clay - Azza Mitchell It's a great concept, with good world building and well-drawn characters. The transition between chapters 2-3 basically sums up my main problem with the story. At the end of 2, the MCs are having sex for the first time and Basil has just discovered he's become accidentally enslaved to his roommate and then chapter 3 opens and he's kneeling, wearing a collar and leash. I really would have liked more on how they got there. I have a pretty unlimited appetite for D/s and slave stories and I felt cheated--the premise of a Djinn prince accidentally enslaved to his human college roommate, who has a taste for dominance, is just so juicy and full of promise. The author definitely has a great idea and has a gift for secondary characters and mixing paranormal/fantasy elements with the mundane ins and outs of attending college, and really a lot gets done in a short space here. I will definitely look for more work by her--I hope she writes a longer book set in this world.