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Sold (Gamble Everything #1) - Cari Waites Great new slave series from a new (or new under this name) author. The books are very well-written, not just (largely) error free, but insightful, smart, efficient, and memorable. The sex/kink is just about perfect for this reader. It's very intense, no-holds-barred stuff, including acts that I often find disturbing such as age-play, caning, and humiliation, but unlike other writers in the hard-core genre (Carolyn Faulkner for example) the author manages to keep it exciting without going someplace so dark that anything like entertainment becomes impossible.

It helps that the segments are kept short, which mitigates my annoyance over the pricing scheme. Generally I find releases like this--separately priced segments of what is really a single book--infuriating, exorbitant, and sometimes downright deceptive. I was less annoyed than usual here because the writing is very good, the story intense and hot, and actually easier to read in bits. (I say this, though I read straight through the first six--all that are available as of today--in about an hour. But the little break to buy the next book created a useful break both for the reader and for Daniel the narrator.)

This is definitely only for those who like M/M slave narratives, but for that audience, this is a winner, hard-core without being so sadistic it becomes too disturbing to enjoy.