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The Only Way Out Is In - Lyn Gala

I can't say enough in praise of Lyn Gala's sci-fi work. Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts was already a favorite-I've reread it multiple times and always found something new to ponder in it. The Only Way Out Is In| is every bit as strong. What makes these works stand out so much is the way they use the sci-fi setting to explore concepts, in this case how people identify themselves sexually. After reading the story, it's hard not to be convinced that our own categories of "heterosexual," "homosexual," or "bisexual" are hopelessly impoverished and unimaginative--why can't we have pansexuals and stenosexuals, (whether dynamic and non-dynamic) as well? Moreover the idea that people could simply register their preference so that others might know if they're compatible--HELPFUL! Also, reasonable, logical, and humane.

Just because the ideas are especially fascinating does not imply that the story or characters are in any way lacking--they're great and the chemistry between the two leads is sizzling. The story-telling itself is also highly efficient, creating a complex, fully developed universe, as well as a ship's crew of twenty individuals, in a mere 100 pages.

Final note: those who read the background material for "Love has no Boundaries" will know that the prompt was based on a character from Firefly. I am a huge, HUGE Firefly and Serenity fan. I loved the prompt and it definitely created an added level of interest for me to see how Gala tackled the character of Jayne and also what she did differently, but it is hardly necessary for enjoying this story. Certainly, there are enough differences that if I'd not known ahead of time, I probably wouldn't have connected them--this is not fan-fiction.

What it it is, is an extremely intelligent, thought-provoking exploration of our ideas of sexual identity, as well as an all round fun, sexy sci-fi story.