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Logan's Choice - Shannon West I enjoyed the whole series, which has been getting better with each book. I am new to the MM paranormal genre, but I am really enjoying exploring the offerings. West explores a new side of D/s relationships where the dominant shifter treats his human "pet" in an unusually infantilizing way, asserting the right to make all decisions, and essentially treating his lover as completely helpless. It's a fantasy that I haven't seen explored in any other books, and I thought it was really well done. For a while the pet is too addled by lust to assert himself, but eventually he fights for more autonomy. Unsurprisingly, the couple develops a more complex, balanced relationship. I thought this was done most compellingly with Logan and Ian, though Nicky clearly develops into a (very amusing) force to be reckoned with as the series progresses. His response to Marco's visit to him in jail was priceless. I would definitely recommend the books to those who enjoy the gay/shifter genre, with the warning to expect a pretty extreme form of infantilization at the beginning.