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Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant This is an extremely intense read: the reviews are not exaggerating so caveat emptor. I found the experience of reading it more grueling than pleasurable, and there were aspects of the books that were genuinely disturbing to me--and I read heavily in this genre. All of that being said, this is a fascinating, compelling book, one that you will not forget quickly. It raises a lot of questions, but the book absolutely earns the right to ask them. For example, I was not convinced that Jonathan is justified in anything he does here and I was seriously worried by the idea that the book really lets him off the hook much too easily: but again, it's a real question, one only a really well-written, powerful book could push me to ask. There was nothing fake or pumped up about what happens here: it comes by its intensity honestly. Definitely a book worth reading, though not your everyday romance at all.