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Room at the Top - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow It is rare to read a ménage romance that convinces you so thoroughly that you are reading about real people in an actual relationship, but Davitt totally succeeds. Jay and Austin work very ordinary, unglamorous jobs, and are most remarkable for being so unlike the usual novel character--I thought they were adorable in the best way. They are believably in love with each other, but with the usual problems anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship will instantly identify with: everything from figuring out what to do on a Friday night, to putting up with the other person’s messiness or neatness, to helping your lover when they are depressed. Davitt is extremely generous with her details, filling out these two in a way that made me truly care about them, until I was sniffling along with Jay over his diorama and worrying about how Austin will solve the problem of his impossible sister.

The addition of Liam into this very tight couple was just as convincing. I loved getting his perspective (especially since I am closer to his age!) on his two younger partners. I understood their need for him. The wrinkle of his being straight sets up a tricky problem for the author, which she solves convincingly (mostly). In the end, she achieves the most important element for any writer of romance, gay or straight, two-some--three-some--anysome: the reader is thrilled and deeply satisfied to see the characters end up together.