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Draconian Measures - J.C. Owens J. C. Owens’ books are on a short list of automatic-buys for me --I have loved almost everything I’ve read by her, but I probably enjoyed Draconian Measures the best. The juxtaposition of the two first-person perspectives is unusually clever and well done. On one page, poor Graitaan is fuming about the obnoxiousness of Finnarians in general and his commander in particular. On the next, we hear Sadan’s musings on how adorable his “little Draconian’s” temper is. The back and forth between them is bright and witty and full of energy--their sparks not surprisingly give way to scorching sexual heat. Unlike so many romances, the conflict between the couple does not feel at all contrived, but is an inevitable expression of their personalities. Though you never doubt the deep attraction there, you also know it cannot be easy for someone like Graitaan to give in to what he feels and submit to Sadan.

All in all the chemistry and wit made for one of the most satisfying MM fantasies I’ve read.

Note: this is technically the third of the Gaven books: I read it first not realizing it, which did not create any problems for me. I would highly recommend the other two, but this is my favorite.