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Shadow's Claim - Kresley Cole To convey why I love Kresley Cole so much, I will simply give a few quotes:
Salem snorted. "The Vamp basically told her, 'I'm in a weird place in my life right now, and I need some space.' Of course, he told her that by pointing a bloody sword at her whilst bellowing, 'I forsake you!' in front of the whole kingdom."

"You must have been punished by the gods to live the most stupendously boring existence imaginable--with the added curse that you cannot even recognize how onerous and aimless it is."
"I live a life of service," Trehan had corrected him. "And I have pastimes I enjoy. I read by the fire--"
"Because your only alternative is to stare mindlessly at the flames."

"I have never been the subject of a joke that doesn't have '... viscera!' as the punch line."