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Valiant - Laurann Dohner This is probably my favorite of the Dohner’s New Species series; (probably because I like Fury and Justice almost as much). It epitomizes what I love most about Dohner: how does she manage to create such adorable heroines, who are not annoying? They are plucky, loyal, resourceful and can stand up for themselves, but are also vulnerable and insecure. They are also all normal women: pretty or cute but never stunning (or that horror of all horrors, the heroine who is stunning without realizing how stunning she is). You just know they have a bit of flab on their thighs.

Tammy works for a catering company and needs to make enough money to replace her roof. She spends her free nights playing pool at the local bar. Unlike the Anas and Bellas out there, she just feels real. Her relationship with Valiant is funny, intense, hot, and just plain satisfying.

Like all Species males, Valiant is very overbearing, but as always in Dohner’s hands you like him for it. When he freaks out when Tammy’s locks the bathroom door or decides that he will keep her locked up in his house it seems funny and cute not creepy or insane.

Spoiler: the scenes with Dohner’s villains are usually my least favorite part of her books, but I loved how Tammy stood up for herself with the idiots who kidnap her, especially when she brazenly claims that her grandmother left her two million bucks. I also loved the scene where she is placed in a cell with a sexily bossy species male.