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Generation Stables - Carolyn Faulkner I find this one difficult to even rate. I wanted to scrub my brain after reading it to erase the experience, but then went back to reread certain parts. Like the other Faulkner books, this is a total non-con, never-con sadistic fantasy. The only other pony-play I'd encountered was in Ann' Rice's [b:Beauty's Punishment|18750|Beauty's Punishment (Sleeping Beauty, #2)|A.N. Roquelaure|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347048117s/18750.jpg|1020574] and [b:Beauty's Release|25190|Beauty's Release (Sleeping Beauty, #3)|A.N. Roquelaure|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347048222s/25190.jpg|1020573]. I thought it was outrageously crazy stuff, but not disturbing--probably because it was M/M. Somehow the M/F version was a lot harder to stomach (I feel somewhat guilty about this, since really why should there be a difference, but apparently my gut has its prejudices). Reading books like this is a little like watching horror movies: I always regret it once I'm done, but every now and then the sick curiosity is too much and I succumb.