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18% Gray - Anne Tenino Great premise, and sadly a lot more believable than the usual futuristic sci-fi scenarios. The whole idea of QESO was brilliant and the plot was exciting and well-paced. I loved both Matt and James--they had great chemistry though I would have liked more sex, and for it to push harder on Matt's desire to submit to James. As it was, the D/s dynamic was both hot and sweet, but as far as this reader is concerned, more is more.

My main problem was I found the book really and unnecessarily confusing. I guess because the characters are all military types, they love their acronyms, but I couldn't keep them straight. Ditto with the characters, especially towards the end: Matt's family members (except for the two grandpas--what a great pair!), the rescue team members--I kept getting lost, which is not usually a problem for me. I liked the book enough to start reading it again, but I really needed to.

Pet Peeve: the nymphomaniac nun. Why do so many MM novels feature female characters like this?

Bottom line; despite the confusing elements, I loved the premise, really liked the story and the characters and I will definitely continue with the series.