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Sacred Fate - Eressë I had some issues but I thought this was definitely worth reading. I’m a huge fan of MM fantasy, and on that level the book totally delivers: lots of cool world-building, with plenty of geography/politics/intrigue; I loved the hermaphrodite/dual gender stuff a lot, even though I was worried about it. As it happens, it was really original and interesting and didn’t detract from the chemistry between the leads a bit: in fact, their scenes together were very hot.

Spoiler Alert: I was also very hesitant about the whole m-preg theme, but I didn’t mind it at all. Actually, the big third-act crisis where Lassen gets pregnant and goes into hiding was my favorite part of the book--I found it moving and suspenseful.

I had some issues: the style is not my favorite--as another reviewer noted, it’s full of doths and smiting, characters have tresses or locks instead of hair. I would have liked more conflict between Lassen and Rohyr in the beginning. Lassen is crazily accommodating and passive about Rohyr’s demands: he never argues or even questions, even when Rohyr does his mind control spell. Lassen almost reminded me of a Dickens heroine: totally sweet and self-sacrificing for his man. The author (and Rohyr himself) seem to approve of that level of selflessness, but I don’t. My last complaint, which someone else also mentioned, was outside the major players, I couldn’t keep the names and characters straight. It’s not a huge thing, but it was frustrating.

But with such an original premise and such great world-building, Sacred Fate was a really enjoyable read. I will definitely continue with the series.