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Cheating Chance  - James Buchanan Mild Spoilers. Loved it. Nicky is such a sweetheart--What a great hero, lovable, vulnerable, smart. His relationship with Brandon was one of the more believable I've come across. How they meet, the travails of their long-distance affair, their arguments, Nick's insecurity, Brandon's paranoia about phone calls: they felt like a real couple with real problems--who just so happen to have the hottest sex imaginable.

Usually in crime/mystery books like this the procedural is dull or unrealistic, but Buchanan fills the book with a wealth of details about both characters' jobs--not just the personal stuff, but the actual technical details. The details themselves are fascinating, and it's refreshing to read a book where we see employed human beings actually doing their jobs. I liked that part a lot more than the mystery itself. Nick is a bit too lucky as an amateur detective, just happening to overhear incriminating conversations or coincidentally being at the right place/time to retrieve crucial evidence. I would have liked Brandon to show off his detective chops a bit more. However the final show-down was great, satisfying on both plot and emotional levels.

Bottom line: it's great. I'll probably reread it. I am buying the sequel as soon as I post this.