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The Vanguard - T.A. Chase The author did a great job creating a cool fantasy setting here, especially the culture of the vanguard. Lathian and Stekel make for a very hot couple, and the sex scenes were terrific. Lathian's seduction of Stekel, their friendshiop, and Stekel's adoption of the role of custos was all really well-done.

Mild Spoilers: Though I rarely say this, I thought there was almost too much sex. Just about every other chapter/scene was sex. I would have liked more about the Consorts and the Villious Queen, the king of Raunioc, Lathian's brother, even Stakel's long lost family. It didn't help that the main conflict with Excelsie was not that suspenseful.

All in all, Chase does a great job with creating a cool fantasy world--I don't like to see it short-changed, even for the sake of hot sex scenes between two studly warriors.