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The Portrait - L.M. Somerton Quick, enjoyable read, with Somerton's trade mark dynamic (at least in the books published so far) between two hot, twenty-something males, one meek and virginal, the other dominating and sophisticated. And quite frankly, it's delicious. Tristan is a sweet-heart, instinctively obedient without being cringing, willing to give it all to Garrick as long as Garrick isn't playing with him. And Garrick is equally sexy: you just shiver every time he barks, "Do as you're told." The haunted house subplot could have been more developed--it's a cool story, and left me wanting more. There was something kind of goofy and scooby-esque about the two boys' ghost sleuthing skills.

But no question, their relationship is HOT HOT HOT. Also: extra points for a fantastic twist in the final line.