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The Lord's Pet Wolf (Medieval Werewolf, #3) - Charlotte Mistry I liked this one a lot. It's pet play, definitely, but I didn't find it disturbing. I'm not totally sure why, except the hero, Erik, seemed quite enthusiastic and was very pragmatic about his preference for life with his new lord over freezing to death in the snow. Lord Martel was an especially effective creation: his fixation with his new pet is revealed in a series of quite subtle but highly charged details. The erotic energy between the two was pretty irresistible.

The piece demonstrated Mistry's usual highly efficient story-telling. Though it was satisfying as it stood, it's hard not to wish it was longer. As always, the story was priced depressingly high--the "Medieval Werewolf" Bundle reduces the damage a little, but only a little.

Altogether, a smart, erotic pet play story.