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The Brat Whisperer - J.A. Rock JA Rock manages to do a huge amount with 69 pages so that the book feels almost like a full-length novel instead of a short story. I often find the whole DD set-up feels artificial--too much like a clever (erotic) fictional plot set-up (a bit like the title actually) and not enough like recognizable reality. So I was especially impressed that Rock was able to capture so efficiently and persuasively why two people would crave a relationship like this and how it might work in practice.

I did find it a bit improbable that Corwin would be so very articulate about his needs given his bratty behavior, but I found the discussions very insightful and even touching.

Not to give things away, but the plot point involving the blender packed a genuinely surprising punch and left me moved and upset and concerned about everyone involved. That says something about how thoroughly Rock draws you into her characters' world in such a short space.