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With a Kiss - Kim Dare I am finding it hard to write a coherent review of this, so here is more an assortment of impressions.

This shared certain similarities with [b:Duck!|8178400|Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1)|Kim Dare|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1273661196s/8178400.jpg|13024937], a book I liked a great deal: a strong dominant male, a very submissive, "lost-boy" hero, great chemistry. Despite the paranormal theme and the magic kiss of the title, this did not feel nearly so much like a fairy tale, mostly because the picture we receive of Liam's abuse is so harrowing--the constant reflex to look for the door of a room, the compulsive need to apologize, the hyper-awareness of where his abuser is in the house. It was totally compelling and scary, so much that the book really did not feel like a paranormal to me.

Marcus' personality is closely tied to his being a vampire, but then again, almost the only thing we learn about vampires here is that they drink blood and they are really dominant with their human pets. Generally I love uber-alpha characters, and Marcus does not disappoint. Like a lot of Lost-boy heroes, Liam was almost too submissive for me--it is totally explained by the abuse, but he is so lost and so--I have to use the word naive though with caveat that he's obviously seen some pretty horrible stuff, but he's so naive you start to feel like you live in a totally different reality. But I thought Dare developed their relationship very well, especially the sex and D/s elements, where she really makes you believe that Liam would want to give over control to someone he trusted.

I definitely liked the book, but I found it an odd mix of elements. No question the picture of abuse was extremely well-done-- truly scary and all-too believable.