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Out of the Woods - Syd McGinley I actually tried for several weeks to write a review of this (and Twice-Caught), but as the pages mounted (I got as high as ten) I realized I had way too much to say about it. Bottom line: readers of the book may find themselves suffering from a severe case of provoked thinking. Short of starting a web site devoted to arguing about it, I’m left with yelling at people that THEY HAVE TO READ IT.

However, all the handwringing about my failure did end up inspiring one of my more peculiar and transgressive fantasies: teaching this book in a college seminar. I decided to write up the idea up for my blog and if you can forgive the self-promotion, I am including the link to what should serve as my tribute to this remarkable book: http://liliafordromance.blogspot.com/2013/07/could-you-ever-teach-one-of-those-books.html)

If I somehow haven’t been clear enough in the above: I can’t praise this book enough. To understand why, YOU. MUST. READ. IT.