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Dark Space - Lisa Henry Fantastic book. I read it through the night it was released and then immediately started it again. It was just as good--better in fact on the second read.

I can’t say enough about Brady Garrett as a character. What an amazing, improbable narrator: the nineteen-year-old reffo who left school at 12 and was conscripted at 16. His voice is like a constant punch to the gut, and yet when he muses about the emptiness of space he’s suddenly a poet. Though we spend only a few pages in his hometown of Kopa, it lives so vividly in his psyche that it comes to occupy the reader’s mind like a memory until you can practically taste the acrid scent of the factories.

Brady is such an overwhelming presence that inevitably Cam comes off as a less vivid figure. Still, I cared about him as a character and truly admired how he’d coped with his ordeal. Most of all I loved him for caring about Brady, for appreciating what an extraordinary person he is, and for finally being “the break” this kid deserved.

Final note: extra points to Lisa Henry for the “I love you” scene. Usually I’m too jaded for that necessary part of a love story, but the one in Dark Space packs a rare punch, both emotionally and narratively. Personally, I cried so hard I had to put the Kindle down.