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The Trap - Indigo Wren Sexy, compelling story that bears some resemblance to FSOG--super-hot twenty-something billionaire-dom and his much more modest-in-every-way sub/love--but actually feels believable. It helps that Ethan and David like a lot of real-world couples start off as best friends in college. That gives them a strong stake in each others' welfare that would credibly transcend the money/status differences that make FSOG occasionally feel like such a crude wish-fulfillment.

Not that wish-fulfillment is absent here, but it's much more thoughtful. The "Trap" scenario is a fascinating exploration of why readers like non-con in fantasy. The hero is kidnapped by the person he has secretly desired for years but was too ashamed and scared to pursue, and then forced to get over his inhibitions and fear to experience mind-boggling pleasure. I loved the characters and found their conversations really insightful and moving. (And very funny on the topic of David's love of ABBA). My only reservation was with the last quarter of the story. I'll avoid spoilers but I thought David's choices were the kind you see a lot in romance novels and almost never in real life.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and if I have to have a gorgeous billionaire hero, I'll take Ethan Locke over any of his fictional competitors any day of the week.